Strengthened into the new year – use the crisis as an opportunity

Strengthened into the new year – use the crisis as an opportunity

Fewer guests, short-time work, quarantines and company closures. The year 2020 was anything but positive for the economy, but especially for the catering and hotel industries. It is more than obvious.

But what can you do about it?

In these times, the most important thing for entrepreneurs is to keep optimism as much as possible and to look flexibly for new ways and options in order to start the new year as strengthened as possible.

We at DigiServe can help out here by making such options and paths possible. We help you to offer your guests and customers a digital ordering service that not only offers security in difficult times, but also actively helps to increase your sales afterwards. And that both for collection and delivery, at the table and in the hotel room.

Your goods – for collection and delivery

Constantly new regulations and restrictions. But one thing was never a problem in either lockdown: offering your own food and drinks for pickup and delivery. Everyone did that, of course, and that’s why it’s important to go your own way.

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All restaurants did the same thing, flooding social media and other advertising space with similar offerings. Here it was important to stand out from the crowd and to be able to offer your potential customers something that the others don’t have.

DigiServe customers had a clear advantage here. On average, your sales increased by 200% to 300% when the lockdown started. And not just through more orders, but because each order generated more sales through additional sales and recommendations. In this way, shrewd restaurant operators were able to place specific promotions and ingredients here in such a way that they achieved the greatest possible effect.

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Take digital orders directly in the restaurant

We want to be open and honest here. Digital ordering directly at the table in the restaurant can be something great, but unfortunately it is often used suboptimally. Here it depends on the right model and the right presentation in order to be able to use such a system effectively.

Some of our customers are already using table ordering and have encountered the following problems. On the one hand, it can be the staff who see the system as a threat to their job, or the internal process due to an increased number of orders.

We can reassure the staff, because the DigiServe system is primarily intended to relieve and help. Guests can order immediately upon arrival without having to wait for a waiter. The payment process can also be done directly when ordering, without additional waiting times.

DigiServe also saves you the “one-way menu cards” currently required. The customers have the menu directly on their own smartphone and always have the daily (if not up to the minute) menu available.

Get more out of room service

Room service is often neglected when it is not a business hotel. As a guest, you always have the hurdle to find the menu first and then to have to pick up the phone and personally transmit all the details of the order.

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This is exactly where DigiServe can offer great support. A QR code is placed in each room, which the guest can scan with his smartphone.

He chooses what he would like to have and when and sends the order. Complete. No long searches, no hurdles and a perfect experience for the guest.

Thanks to the up-to-the-minute menu, the right thing can always be offered, fully automatically. From breakfast in the morning, a snack for lunch or a cocktail in the evening. The menu reacts dynamically to the time and the items and ingredients that are currently available.

Offer your guests the best service and, at the same time, get the most out of their existing resources. So that you can make ends meet even with a few guests.

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Also ideal for outdoor systems

Something that is not so common with us, but is always popular: The offer of drinks and food directly by the pool or in the relaxation / spa area of ​​a hotel. An extra service can be offered here, which is very well received by guests.

Everyone knows this situation: When you have just made yourself comfortable in a spa or pool area, the thought of a snack or a cocktail often comes up. In most cases this means getting up and going to the next bar or restaurant.

Why not offer your guests that certain something? And all of this without a lot of extra effort if you already have a bar or something similar nearby.

Stay creative
These examples are just a few to show what is possible with the DigiServe platform. There are almost no limits to creativity here. And that is exactly what will be important in order to get through the crisis well and out of the crisis into the new year.

Corona will keep us busy for even longer. Hopefully your staff too!

The best thing to do is to test our order platform for 30 days, without obligation and free of charge, and convince yourself of the advantages you will have with it.

Click here and just inquire

With this in mind, stay healthy and use the crisis as an opportunity
Your DigiServe team