OrderSpace becomes DigiServe

“Good bye OrderSpace, hello DigiServe” was the teaser in our last newsletter to our customers. And now the time has come. OrderSpace is now really becoming DigiServe and we are already in the middle of changing the name in all systems. And as you can see, also directly with a new website in order to be able to be even more representative here and to give the new DigiServe brand the appearance it deserves.

And with that our first blog entry starts here on the new website. Here we will now regularly prepare and provide current news, tips and tricks and current changes to give an insight into the current events and background information.

The new brand – DigiServe

We already planned to change the name last year due to difficulties in protecting the OrderSpace brand. Due to the corona crisis and the associated negative and positive changes, it was a good idea to take this step now to create a stable basis for the DigiServe brand for the future. It was a long way to get here, but now it’s going ahead at full speed!

What is changing? Who does it concern?

First and foremost, it must be said that there will be no effects for all existing customers. Our systems are still running and apart from the new logo in the admin and app, it has no effect.

In general, the move to a new brand only brings positive things and we are very happy about that!

What is changing are the web addresses. There are new URLs for the admin area, as well as a new URL for customers who have used an order-space domain. But don’t worry, the existing URLs will continue to work for a few months. For this purpose, we will contact everyone who is affected separately and inform them of the exact change.