Missing employees in the catering industry

Gastronomy has been extremely restricted for almost half a year.

At first completely closed, then only with delivery, then also with pick-up option. A disaster for many companies. And now, as if that weren’t enough, the employees are also migrating to other professions.

How can the restart still work?

It has already been mentioned several times this week in various media. And many of our customers feel this firsthand. The emigration of employees from the catering industry is currently greater than ever before.

And that at a time when everyone is waiting week after week for them to finally be able to start again. At a time when every hand on deck is important. Now it is important for the restaurateurs to be creative and to find new solutions in order to cope with the new start as soon as it comes.

“More and more employees are missing in catering”

it said a week ago here on ORF.

Gastronomy and tourism businesses fear for their existence: After almost six months, it is not just a lack of opening perspectives. The companies are also losing more and more employees. What drives many to despair is that the best skilled workers are often retrained after months of unemployment or short-time work.

A severe blow for many, which makes reliable personnel planning seem almost impossible. But what can you do about it? We at DigiServe want to show where we can help with our software solution and how we can create some stability in times like these.

Digitales Bestellsystem

Take digital orders directly in the restaurant

Something that was partially unthinkable before Corona and the following lockdowns, was not accepted by customers or not accepted by the staff: accept orders digitally directly at the table. And right now, this can be a tremendous relief. A relief that the remaining staff does not have to constantly run from table to table but can concentrate on service. A relief that customers do not have to wait unnecessarily long and can finally enjoy being able to enter the catering trade again. But how does this relief work?

Digitales Bestellsystem

Can be implemented within a very short time with our system. Here a QR code is created for each table and attached to the table. Guests can then simply scan this code with their smartphone and place their order directly. Without waiting, without being overlooked. Without waiting, without being overlooked. Many customers will be a little cautious, especially with the opening of the gastro. With DigiServe you also have the advantage of a digital menu without any additional effort, and thus save yourself disinfecting or the one-way menu.

Simple, quick, straightforward

Still unsure whether this is a step in the right direction?

We can calm down. The best thing is to simply use our offer and test it for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. For table reservations, these 30 days will of course only start when you can reopen your restaurant. And if you inquire with us in the next 7 days, you will also receive our Easter discount, which will save you another 29% on the first year. This means that table orders for 30 tables are easily available for € 49 a month.

Still unsure? Afraid of an additional “financial obligation”?

We understand our customers, of course. That is why we are now also offering our shop for a 5% sales commission. So only pay if you make a profit with our system. And if you notice how much more sales are possible through our system, you can simply switch to our well-known fixed price model. Quite straightforward.

It is best to inquire directly and try it out in an uncomplicated way.

Click here and just ask

With that in mind, stay healthy and make sure you have a fresh start.
Your DigiServe team